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The famous MA5B rifles are widely issued through UNSC controlled sectors. Spartan unit and ODST have been using these rifles in all kinds of environments. However, they are not happy.

Aiming for mass production, the MA5B rifle’s original design make the weapon system almost impossible to customize, when it comes to different combat situation the rifle can not be efficiently adapt to the fast changing environment. Both ODST and Spartans have filed request for a more enhanced version of the rifle.

The UNSC then pass the contract to WEIHAO TACTICAL to design the new weapon systems. The new designed MA6-E is an enhanced version of previous MA5B rifle. The new design is more robust, more reliable and modular. The Operators can now change the weapon configuration to suit the battle needs.

Now there are several elite units have been testing this new weapon system in a lot of recent combats. So far the feedback’s are great.